Business IT Support that helps you gain efficiencies

A single point of contact to take accountability for resolving your IT issues

Our all inclusive Cyber First Business IT Services are tailored to your business.  Our Secure Workplace Package is designed to support your business end user devices, applications and software. Part of our Secure Workplace package is a full service account management benefit providing monthly reviews to ensure your technology is achieving your business objectives.

Our business IT support services are located in Melbourne, meaning your IT support issues are handled by a local team dedicated to your business. Our people become an extension of your team providing IT support both on and offsite.  This means your technology issues will be investigated and managed by your IT support team by simply lodging a ticket in our easy to use Customer Portal. Communication is seamless, personal and efficient, which means your issues will be resolved faster making your teams are more productive.


Making sure KMT is the right partner is easy

Understand our comprehensive process for working with new clients.  This should help you understand what to expect when you work with us!

Why KMT is the best Managed IT Service provider or MSP in Australia
1. Lets get to know each other

We will kick things off with a meeting with our Sales Director, or you can even meet with Bradley or Scott our founders to really understand what KMT are all about.

We welcome you to conduct this meeting virtually on zoom, at your offices or even better; here at our KMT head office so you can meet the team and see where the magic happens!

2. Deep dive to understand your network

This is where our senior technical guys will take a good look ‘under the hood’ and work out what needs to change so your infrastructure is stable and secure. This process can take a few days to a week or two depending on the size of your business and the number of end users you have. At the end of this process, we will understand your requirements and make recommendations on how to improve.

3. So you have decided to partner with KMT

So you like our solution and our service offering and its time to sign the contracts and get moving. At this stage, we will arrange all contracts, organise a full meet and greet onboarding event so you can meet your Account Manager, dedicated IT support team and our Managing Director and Technical Director if you have not met them already. At this stage, our technical guys will come out on site and start documenting your environment and systems and prepare your business for cut over.

4. Deployment of tools & systems

This is where the magic happens, we ensure we have quality backups of your environment and we cut over to KMT services. At this point, KMT becomes accountable for your technology and proactively manages and monitors your environment. Our engineers will deploy our bespoke best-in-class tools across your systems and devices so your network is monitored around the clock.

5. Training

Our onboarding team will teach your team how to log tickets and request support including management of your account by using the KMT Support Portal {link to Portal}. We also like to ensure our clients are up to speed on the tech that matters and from time to time will host events to keep you abreast of the latest information.

6. Go Live!

Its official! You are now part of the KMT community! Your very own IT Support desk team are on hand to support you and your teams with any technology issues whether it is tech we have installed or not.

7. Strategy & technology roadmap

Your Account Manager will schedule regular reviews with your team based on your business requirements. Annual Best Practice Reviews are recommended with the outcome of a detailed technology roadmap with clear budget and prioritisation so you can budget and prepare the year ahead.

Peace of mind your technology will work for you

We have developed quite the reputation for fixing issues others can’t. Let us take a deep dive into your IT environment with an IT audit.