Secure your Workplace + protect your infrastructure

Businesses need to be more cyber aware than ever, so we have evolved our Network + Data Centre Solution to include cyber security.
We’ll provide real time alerting and reporting, threat detection, response and remediation for your server environment and act as your strategic technology partner, who understands your business needs to get the best from their technology.

Cyber security for your networks + infrastructure

Secure Data Centre provides real time alerting and reporting, threat detection, response and remediation for the server environment.

An extension of Secure Modern Workplace, have peace of mind you are getting the most out of your technology so you can focus on your commercial success.

Managed Infrastructure

Reduce downtime and get the most from your technology with KMT taking full accountability for the management of your infrastructure and technology.  Empower your business to accomplish more in less time, with less effort.

Data Protection

Data is the lifeblood that guides the decisions of the most prominent businesses but the old ways of thinking about data protection are not fit for the era of digital transformation.  It’s time to devise a strategic plan to protect your data so your business can reap the benefits of working in the cloud without increasing the risks of exposure.

In-Built Cyber Security

Full cyber security protection, including back ups and disaster recovery  to ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2 for your data center servers and firewalls with our comprehensive cyber security solution.


Defend your infrastructure, protect your data

Comprehensive protection of your infrastructure and data centre servers and firewalls from cyber threats.  All businesses must actively defend their networks.  We will work with you to mitigate risks and defend attacks.

Cyber security for infrastructure

Comply with ACSC Essential Eight

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), strives to prevent cyber attacks by providing a framework for businesses like yours strengthen their cyber security posture.  The Essential Eight are the first line of defence.  Our Secure Data Centre Service provides compliance to Maturity Level 2 as a minimum.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our SOC service identifies threats, analyses them, investigates the source and reports on any vulnerabilities you need to be aware of.  A plan is then developed on how to prevent similar occurrences in the future.


Our Security information and event management (SIEM) technology supports threat detection, compliance and security incident management through the collection and analysis (both near real time and historical) of security events, as well as a wide variety of other event and contextual data sources.

Managed Backups for Servers

Proactive management + protection for your servers

We ensure your server environment is protected against cyber attacks with 24*7 proactive updates & patch management, Azure Cloud Tenancy management, administration and management of your operating systems and assistance with 3rd party applications.  A comprehensive cyber-first approach to manage your infrastructure.


Get the full picture across your infrastructure

Accountability is one of our core values.  As such we love providing our clients with complete transparency across their IT environment including aging infrastructure.  We also provide clarity across your IT support and how we are managing your IT requests.  Peace of mind you have complete visibility of your technology performance.

Secure Modern Workplace
cyber security for infrastructure

Obsessive back ups

Businesses are now operating almost 100% digitally with most manual processes retired.  This poses risks of cyber threats, meaning risks to data.  Our KMT Secure Data Centre solution, we’ll protect your infrastructure with a minimum Maturity Level 2 ACSC Essential Eight.   This includes built in and automated data recovery as part of the service.

Managed Backups

Disaster can strike at any time and arguably the most important asset of a business is its data.  Our managed back up provides compliance and security, scalable storage and data redundancy and cyber security team support ready to respond accordingly to any incident to get your business back running fast!


Data encryption prevents unauthorized users from accessing your precious data. Whether you send data over network wiring or look at it on your disk at home, data encryption ensures that your files stay safe and locked.

Monthly Reporting

Regular reporting will provide you with transparency and insight into your infrastructure and any threats that may have impacted your environment.  Understand where you vulnerabilities lay to strengthen your defences.

AMTIL Case Study
Amtil Case Study

“The most significant benefit of working with KMT is the high level of IT service they have provided for The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited. The upgrading of the IT hardware and software has proactively addressed some of the major challenges faced by the organisation. The up-time has been incredible so far, with no outage recorded so far. The robust and stable platform enabled by KMT has also resulted in greater performance, all round.”


Lauren SchadeLauren Schade
04:22 31 Jul 23
Always willing to help! Fantastic Support everytime
andrew mylesandrew myles
04:55 24 Jul 23
Responsive, knowledgeable and eager to assist. Recommended!
Shane MalloyShane Malloy
04:52 20 Jul 23
Gec EmohGec Emoh
01:11 17 Jul 23
KMT are very responsive and take the issue to heart. Their staff are professional and there is a very defines escalation process. I find it very easy to proved a prositive recommendation to others.
Nicholas AnastosNicholas Anastos
03:23 11 Jul 23
Excellent support!
Dean NelsonDean Nelson
00:10 07 Jul 23
KMT have been a long time supplier to our business and from a support perspective have always solved our issues, remotely or otherwise. Highly recommend.
Clarissa BordinoClarissa Bordino
03:02 01 Jun 23
No matter who is assisting you, KMT'd service is consistent and they go above and beyond to help you. As well their response time was very quick. What I loved the most is that they could handle my chaotic answers ? James, Aleks, Cassandra you are fabulous!
Sharron HealySharron Healy
23:36 15 May 23
Jeremy from KMT was able to fix my technical issue within a minute! Allowing me to get on with my job, instead of continuing to try to fix it myself without success. I'd highly recommend KMT to manage your tech needs.
Martin SzymanskiMartin Szymanski
01:51 21 Apr 23
These guys and gals are great. They know their stuff and get it done quickly. Always helpful and respectful. You can't go wrong using their service.
Beattie GreenBeattie Green
00:40 31 Jan 23
KMT always respond to my help desk requests quickly, are very proactive and communicative throughout the process and have always found a solution to my tech troubles. I highly recommend the team! The web interface is also easy to use.

Secure Data Centres empower business to accomplish more

Businesses desire to reach new heights with hybrid working and need the right technology and cyber protection. Teams must be empowered to achieve more in less time with less effort.
Seamlessly connect with your teams and customers

Leverage the power of the cloud to develop your hybrid modern workplace strategy with secure infrastructure that powers your teams to work remotely and connect with your customers wherever they are.

Remote Working

Businesses no longer operate solely from offices.  They require an infrastructure that enables access to data and files efficiently from anywhere.  With both the consumer and business being ensured that productivity, security and capability are preserved.

ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2

ACSC Essential Eight mitigation strategies reduce the risk of a cyber attack.  As part of the Cyber-First managed service, we will ensure you comply to Essential Eight maturity level 2.


of Australian businesses expect to contine hybrid.


of Australian businesses have moved to the cloud.


are increasing spending on tech initiatives + cyber.

Kaine Mathrick Tech Partners

We are proud to be trained and recognised in a number of accreditations and partner with the world’s leading technology companies.

The most secure & efficient workplace experiences are created with KMT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why businesses should migrate to the cloud

For many Small and Medium businesses, migrating to the cloud can be daunting. Many worry that it may be less secure than on-premise data and file storage, or it will cost too much or take to much time and the business in the process.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, migrating to the cloud will provide sizable savings, measurable improvements in performance and productivity and increased security across business devices and network.

Our experience shows that there are three main drivers contributing to businesses decision to move to the cloud and they are:

Cloud + modern data centre explained

The cloud and modern data center refers to servers that are accessed over the internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Cloud servers are located in secure data centers globally. By migrating to cloud computing, businesses don’t have to maintain and manage physical servers or run software and application on their own machines, enabling users to access the same files and applications on any device.

Switching to cloud computing reduces costs and overheads as businesses no longer need to update and maintain their own servers, as the cloud will do this. This is a great solution for small and medium businesses where internal infrastructure may be cost prohibitive.

There are three types of cloud solutions and KMT can help you with these solutions.

Why businesses need cloud computing?

The new workplace is rapidly evolving, businesses of all sizes are transforming the way they operate from fixed locations to a hybrid model of working from anywhere on any device. To future proof your business and implement a hybrid workplace you must achieve a fully collaborative workplace that is integrated with technology to boost productivity.

Employers and employees expect convenient, flexible technological solutions enabling them to work, communicate and collaborate from anywhere with confidence that security is not compromised.As a decision-maker you want increased visibility with easy, secure access to information. Our solution increases productivity and mobility without compromising security and compliance.

Reduce ongoing costs

Use of infrastructure and technical specialists typically shared among many customers to achieve economies of scale.  The cost of applying controls to help address security risks associated with shared infrastructure may reduce the potential cost savings of some types of cloud computing.

IT Hardware and Procurement

The most secure data centres are created with KMT

Work with the only Cyber-First Managed Service Provider in Australia!

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