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AT KMT, we are committed to make a positive impact to Australian NFPs + the challenges they are facing today.

We have created this learning hub to assist the NFP sector in managing information security & cyber risks and provide the latest information on technology solutions relevant to the industry.

Download our free eBook: Strengthen your nonprofit’s digital security: Protect your data and build trust

Inside the confines of our e-book titled “Strengthening Your Nonprofit’s Digital Security: Protecting Your Data and Cultivating Trust,” we present five critical measures you can put into action to enhance security within your nonprofit:

  1. Gain support from your leadership and board.
  2. Cultivate security awareness and expertise among your team.
  3. Create and document comprehensive security policies.
  4. Choose and implement technology customized to your team’s workflows.
  5. Collaborate with experienced professionals in the field.
NFP Learning Centre
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Take a free Cyber Security assessment for NFP

Our security assessment will provide you with an all-encompassing report that includes these essential findings:

  1. Optimization: Verify that your configurations and architecture are in sync with your organization’s distinct needs.
  2. Consolidation: Recognize chances for enhanced efficiency and productivity, while reducing resource consumption.
  3. Supportability: Enhance legacy applications and set up a patching strategy that aligns with your organization’s objectives.
  4. Security: Tackle imminent threats and obtain suggestions to unearth and mitigate risks to your organization.

Cyber First Managed IT Services for NFPs

Affordable cloud solutions, robust cybersecurity protection, and reliable IT support are crucial for nonprofit organizations. Engaging the services of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help nonprofits efficiently oversee their IT infrastructure, bolster cybersecurity defenses, and receive continuous support. This enables them to remain dedicated to their mission without being hindered by technology-related issues.

Terrific IT solutions for people working in Not for Profit organisations

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Strengthen your nonprofit’s digital security: Protect your data and build trust

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