Our comprehensive managed IT services will ensure your business remains agile and efficient with IT solutions that work.

So what is meant by managed IT services?

Managed services is a service that provides ongoing technical support and advice by an IT service provider for a fixed monthly fee.   Depending on your business requirements, a Managed Service provider can provide services such as proactive monitoring and maintenance, priority IT support, user and device management, network monitoring, backups and cyber security.  The aim is to keep your IT operating at peak performance.

Not only will your IT issues be resolved quickly and efficiently, but businesses will also have access to the latest technology and solutions to design productivity and increase profit.  An MSP can save you time and money and improve your cyber security posture.

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Everything you need to know about Managed Service Providers

The secret to achieving operational efficiencies and exceptional employee experiences lies in hiring a quality Managed IT Service provider.

What is included in Managed IT Services?

Our all inclusive Managed IT Service is tailored to your preferences to support your needs. Our packages are designed to support your business infrastructure, end user devices, applications and software. Part of our comprehensive package is a full service account management benefit providing monthly reviews to ensure your technology is achieving your business objectives.

Help Desk

Our IT support desk is located in Melbourne, meaning your IT support issues are handled by a local team dedicated to your business. Your local help desk team will become an extension of your team providing IT support both on and offsite.

Quarterly Business Review

Working closely with your business, your dedicated Account Manager will conduct Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) to provide you with a quality technology strategy ensuring your technology facilitates your desired business growth.  Our high touch customer experience ensures you have the right roadmap and IT strategy for future-proofing your business.

Proactive Support

Our monitoring tools and documentation process will ensure that your hardware and infrastructure is regularly assessed for age and recurring issues.  We will advise you well in advance when something requires replacement enabling you to adequately preplan and budget and avoid any downtime.

User Management

Managing your users on a daily basis with whatever is required.  Including onboarding and offboarding new and old users, permission changes and password management.  When you also include our cyber services we will also deploy Endpoint Detection &; Response (EDR) services as well.

Security & Compliance

Antivirus is no longer enough to prevent a cyber attack.  Our extensive array of security tools will improve your cyber security posture.  We will proactively manage your antivirus, web monitoring, provide password management backup and recovery.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Antivirus is no longer enough to prevent a cyber attack.  Our extensive array of security tools will improve your cyber security posture.  We will proactively manage your antivirus, web monitoring, provide password management backup and recovery.


Depending on the size of your business and your ongoing requirements, our reporting will provide you with full visibility across the health and status of your IT systems including things like common errors, users providing insights on what needs to be fixed.


Detailed records, diagrams of your network configurations, systems, licencing details and passwords will be captured in our documentation tool.  This will ensure the efficiency of your ongoing support and maintenance and facilitate the ease of enhancements when they are due.  A quality managed service provider should grant access to this documentation on request.

Account Management

From day 1 you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will work with your business.  Their role is to become the conduit between the service desk team, projects and your teams to develop the right strategy to support your business growth.

A secure alternative

Due to technology, businesses today are more competitive than ever. This is due to the fact that they are able to connect to customers, place and respond to orders, and even communicate with stakeholders all from one place.  Small businesses often struggle to keep up with technology’s ever-changing trends.

This is where a Managed IT Service provider comes into its own.  It enables the business to offload all of its IT to an external company that would offer round-the-clock monitoring and management.  Managed services provide a proactive, automated, secure alternative. Here are some reasons why managed services are a good choice for your business.  Read More.

What Is Managed It Services
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Do I need Managed Services?

We understand that making the decision to effectively outsource or partially outsource your IT can be daunting.  But as we mentioned before, technology is the most critical part of your business operations providing the platforms and tools to enable your business to achieve its goals and grow.

It is also important to note that cyber security is the number #1 focus of businesses in 2022 and beyond and it is complex to understand what tools and systems you need to ensure your business data is protected.

We prepared some information on why managed IT services matter to all busiensses Read More.

Questions to ask when assessing your technology

Some great questions to ask are:

  • Do you have efficient IT systems?
  • Are your computers, network devices and patches up to date?
  • Are your systems monitored to ensure they are running smoothly?
  • Are your staff and customers happy with their IT experience?
  • Is your data secured and backups regularly tested?
  • Are your internal staff free from dealing with IT issues?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, you may require some assistance managing your technology.   Read More.

Do you need Managed IT Services
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What about Managed Services for Cloud and Office 365?

Choosing Managed Services for Office 365 means you have access to a team of experts who will support and manage your Microsoft cloud solution.

Your business will enjoy the benefits of a seamless cloud experience by receiving help desk support along with assistance with licensing requirements to ensure they are always up to date and compliant. Read More.

Cloud managed services are often more cost-effective than hiring an in-house IT department because they handle licensing, monitoring, backups, and configuration changes.

What are the benefits of using managed services?

Managed Services are beneficial for businesses of all sizes, new and established ones.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Filling the skills gap.  MSPs are good for teams that don’t have the time or skills or experience to internally manage certain technology functions.
  • Cost Savings. Save time and money on staff and training and the general costs of internal resources.  Managed Services are a fixed monthly charge.  Using a managed service instead of building teams in-house can be cheaper and more predictable.
  • Reliability.  An MSP provides businesses with peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is monitored, patched and backed up proactively.  The service and support are on call and can focus on resolving your issues quickly.

We prepared a full blog of the benefits of using a managed service that you can read here.

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